Why Climate Central

Climate Central is the only climate communications group that produces and disseminates localized and visual content weekly and at national scale; co-houses scientists, journalists, and technologists; and conducts and catalyzes original, peer-reviewed scientific research to fill critical communication gaps. We have built strong relationships with thousands of trusted, mostly local messengers who deliver our content. Local relevance and credibility make our communications effective; the broad scale of our efforts help advance national and global conversations.

In the US, we provide TV- and social-ready content through B2B relationships with local TV meteorologists and journalists—highly trusted voices achieving thousands of TV hits, articles, and social posts annually. Going deeper, our journalists produce co-bylined climate features through collaborations with local newsrooms where science reporting capacity is thin. Globally, we serve media, NGOs, educators, planners, community organizations, and the public with research, online tools, and visualizations free on our website. 

Technology is key to delivering local content at scale. We are building an automated system to monitor weather, renewable energy generation, and diverse other local events, and deliver same-day related climate alerts and content to local media and others. Our sea level rise research, maps, and tools rely on cutting-edge approaches that analyze and display big data. We are developing capacity to produce visually stunning augmented reality photos and video to depict familiar sites under scientifically projected coastal flooding. We are constantly innovating to expand and improve our work.