Your Support Matters

Scientists have declared the planet is facing a climate emergency, and how we respond this decade will shape every aspect of our common home for hundreds of years to come. No past generation has been in position to make such a profound difference for so many. Climate Central deploys scalable strategies to inform and inspire more people to make that difference. 

Thanks to generous support from those who share our concerns, Climate Central has achieved notable progress on several critical fronts. Highlights include:

  • Published groundbreaking research and maps that have rewritten the world’s understanding of the threat from sea level rise and coastal flooding. Our small team has created the most accurate global data on coastal elevations available today, influencing local decisions and global leaders alike.
  • Played a lead role in transforming the public narrative to recognize that some extreme weather events can be attributed to climate change, a claim validated by the National Academy of Sciences. This pioneering research is just one example of how our scientists helped change the global climate conversation. With partners we are now advancing science that will enable routine formal attribution of local weather events to climate change, and we are building mechanisms to deliver that information across media outlets in real time.
  • Transformed a large and growing number of local broadcast meteorologists into active climate communicators who put climate on TV thousands of times a year. A 2020 survey found that 95 percent of TV meteorologists recognize that climate change is occurring, up from 54 percent in 2010, near when Climate Matters began.